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  Server Graphic


To get an overview of your server architecture for a solution.


You have:

  • Created a solution

  • Assigned logical components


  1. Call the solution directory (transaction SOLMAN_DIRECTORY).

  2. Open your solution.

  3. Choose the structure item Server.

  4. Choose the Component View tab .

  5. You can perform the following activities in the graphic:

    • Adjust the graphic size with a symbol or percentage

    • Adjust the font size, with Attributes

    • Change the size and position of the graphic manually

      1. Your cursor must be within the required graphic in order for you to move it.

      2. You can change the size by left-clicking the points that appear at the edges of the graphic.

    • Print graphic

      1. With the symbol in the Register tab

      2. With the Graphic In Place > In Separate Window symbol in the menu bar.

    • Export graphic as Power Point or Word document

  6. Save your entries.