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Process documentationWorkflow Management


To start a workflow for a Central System Administration task, you use the Processors function on each task level.


You have completed the initial setup of Central System Administration. For more information, see Central System Administration Setup.

To use the automatic Central System Administration e-mail notification, you have defined the SAP Solution Manager notification settings. For more information, see Managing Notifications.


If you are working on a Central System Administration task and you detect a problem that you want to forward to another expert, you can proceed as follows:

  1. On the Task List tab, you describe the problem in the Comment for Log Book column. On the Task Notepad tab, you enter a more detailed description of the problem.

  2. You assign another expert to the task as the new processor. This triggers an e-mail notification to this person directly from the task level.

    The e-mail contains all of the necessary information and technical data to enable the processor to locate the Central System Administration session and task and work on the problem.

  3. The expert logs on to the described CSA session, and selects Start of the navigation path Choose Administration and Monitoring Area Next navigation step Tasks for Processing by me End of the navigation path.

    The system displays a list of all tasks assigned to the user.

    To display all tasks assigned to any processor, you choose in the navigation area Start of the navigation path Administration Reporting Next navigation step Roles/Responsibles/Processors List End of the navigation path.

  4. The expert jumps from the list directly to the dedicated task to begin working on the problem.

  5. The expert solves the problem, and then documents the solution by describing it on the Task Notepad tab.

  6. The expert assigns the task to you as processor again.

  7. You receive an e-mail notification that the task was completed.