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Function documentationUploading the Completed Files


After you have downloaded the template files to your computer and entered the required contents in them, you have to upload the completed files from your computer to the system.


To upload the template files, proceed as follows:

Start the transaction Project Administration (SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN).

Navigate to the project for which you want to upload the data and open it in change mode. To upload the document, you need authorization to change the project. If you want to load data for a tab page, you also need authorization to change the Business Blueprint for this tab page.

Upload the template files from your computer by choosing Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation step Business Blueprint Next navigation step Upload File End of the navigation path and the relevant menu option. If data of the type that you are currently uploading already exists, it is deleted (after you have provided confirmation) and overwritten by the uploaded data. Example: Data already exists on the Product Documentation, Development, and Transactions tab pages. Data is loaded for the Development tab page. All of the data on the Development tab page is deleted and overwritten. All of the other data is retained.