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Procedure documentationUsing the Code Inspector in Urgent Changes


In urgent changes, you can use the code inspector to check your programs and other objects.


  1. In the Transport Management assignment block, choose a transport request and then Release Transport Request.

    The system displays a dialog box. In the Code Inspector column, the result is displayed.

  2. If the result of the code inspector check is “Passed” (green traffic light), you can release the transport request. If the result of the check is “Not passed” (red traffic light), you cannot release.

  3. To see the details of the failed check, go to the managed system in which the transport request was created, run the code inspector locally, and display the transport request details.

  4. Correct the errors reported by the code inspector.

  5. In the WebClient UI, you can now release the transport request.

Note Note

If you change an urgent change to status “To be Tested”, the transport request is released automatically, without the code inspector checking the request. To trigger the code inspector, you have to release the transport request manually.

End of the note.

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