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 Create and Assign Status Values, Keywords and Document Types


To create or change status values, keywords and documentation types, you have authorization for the authorization object S_PROJECTS . You are in the project administration transaction in change mode and have selected the Project Standards tab.


Assign delivered project standards to the project

Scenario A:

The Unused Status Values or Doc. Types or Keyword list already contains default values.

  1. Select the entries in the Unused Status Values/Documentation Types and Keyword Catalog tables that you want to assign to your project.

  2. Assign the selected entries to the Status Values/Keywords/Doc. types list, with Assign .

    To remove listed entries from the project, put them back in the list of unused values with Remove .

  3. Specify whether the keywords are available in the project structure, the Roadmap or for documents, by setting or resetting the flag at the left-hand side of the Project Structure , Roadmap and Documents columns.By default the flag is set.

  4. Save your assignment.

Change delivered document templates

To change a document template delivered by SAP:

  1. Assign the documentation type to the project, in the Documentation Types tab.

  2. Select the documentation type in the Documentation Types tab.

  3. Choose Start of the navigation path Document Template Next navigation step Change. End of the navigation path

  4. Choose an extension from the customer namespace.

    Note Note

    The delivered templates are not overwritten, they are saved in the selected customer namespace /KWCUST/<release>.

    End of the note.
  5. Make your changes.

  6. Set the status of the document to Released .

  7. Save your changes.

Create you own project standards

Scenario B :

The Unused Status Values or Doc. Types or Keywords list contains no default values.

  1. Choose Project Template .

    You get the proposal status value, keyword and documentation type lists specified for the entire customizing project management.

  2. If the right-hand list Project management status values/Keywords/Doc. types already contains entries, select from among them and copy into the left-hand list Project Status values/Keywords/Doc. types with the Left-hand page pushbutton.

    If there are no entries in the project template:

    1. Create new entries in the list on the right.

      Note Note

      If you redefine documentation types, you can give them further attributes, e.g. multiple use of documentation types or file extension.

      See Editing Document Templates for further information.

      End of the note.
    2. Copy entries to the list on the left.

  3. Save your selection.

    You can assign the project standards to the project, as described under Assign Delivered Project Standards to the Project .