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Procedure documentationSet Up Dashboard


A BPO dashboard is a visual display of one or several analytical key figures that gives the end user an overview of a certain business area or a business process.

A dashboard can have one to six panels assigned, depending on the chosen layout. You can restrict the visibility of a dashboard by assigning a specific authorization group to the dashboard.


  1. In the Set Up Dashboard tab, choose Add.

  2. Enter a technical name. You cannot change the technical name after saving the dashboard.

  3. Enter a description.

  4. In the Dashboard Type field, specify the layout of the panels that are displayed in the dashboard. The following values are possible:

    • 1 row / 1 column

    • 2 rows / 2 columns

    • 2 rows / 3 columns

    • 3 rows / 1 column

    • 3 rows / 2 columns

    • 3 rows / 3 columns

  5. To restrict the display of the dashboard to specific users only, assign an authorization group to the dashboard.

    For more information, see Roles and Authorizations.

  6. Add panels to the dashboard. The sequence of the panels in the list specifies the panel sequence in the dashboard from left to right.

  7. Save your entries.