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Function documentationCopying Identified Changes from a Comparison Node


If you have included structure objects from a template or the Business Process Repository (BPR) in a project or a solution, and have adjusted them, you can identify these changes in another phase of the lifecycle and copy them into the current project or the current solution.


  • You have executed transaction SA_PROJECT_UPGRADE to compare the changes to structure objects between the current project/current solution and a predecessor or successor version. For more information, see Determining Structure Changes.

  • The comparison mode is active, so that, as a result of the comparison run, the icons are displayed next to the structure elements on the tab pages in the transactions Business Blueprint (transaction SOLAR01), Configuration (transaction SOLAR02), and Solution Directory (transaction SOLMAN_DIRECTORY). To activate this mode, you have chosen Start of the navigation path Utilities Next navigation step Settings End of the navigation path and set the relevant indicator.


  • Comparison of the entries with the status on the respective tab page between

    • The structure node in the project or solution selected as the starting point

    • The comparison node, depending on whether you selected a predecessor or successor version

  • Compare the comparison node and the current structure node and copy changes on the tab page:

    1. Display the differences using status icons

    2. Copy individual or all new or changed elements from the comparison node to the current structure node. You can also copy all changes for a complete subtree of a business scenario in a project or solution. To do so, choose Copy All Comparison Differences in the context menu in the structure tree. Which changes are copied automatically can be controlled by the Business Add-In AI_SC_PUSH_COMPARE. When all lines of a tab can be adjusted automatically, the tab is also set to “complete”.

    3. Copy deletions from the comparison node to the current structure node. You cannot copy deletions and changes on both sides when you copy all comparison differences of a substructure.

  • Switch between different comparison nodes

    The system displays a list of BPR objects, projects, or solutions, between which the currently-considered structure object has been copied. In accordance with the lifecycle, the list is divided into predecessor and successor versions. For orientation, the immediate predecessor version and the current comparison node are identified as such in each case.

    To navigate directly to the tab page for a comparison node, choose the Goto button.

  • Navigate to the tab page of a comparison node

  • Confirm the copied changes by choosing the Copy Changes on Tab Page button.

    Select the changes that you are considering, and confirm the current status on the tab page. The change icons are then no longer displayed. The changes are not taken into account in the next comparison run.

    Note Note

    Note that template projects for activated global rollout require you to copy all changes into the current structure node before you can confirm the changes.

    End of the note.


  1. Select a changed structure node and navigate to the tab pages that are displaying icons for changes.

  2. Choose Compare and Adjust.

    A dialog box appears, in which the contents of the tab page for the current structure node and (by default) the contents of the comparison node from the immediate predecessor version are compared.

  3. Perform your adjustments.

  4. (optional) Change the comparison node and select a different one. Continue with 3.

    Note Note

    If you want to display the structure objects assigned to comparison node in the context of the tab pages, you can also go directly to the comparison node. You have the following options:

    • If you are on the Compare and Adjust screen, choose the link <Project/Solution of the Comparison Node>.

    • If you are on the screen Switch Comparison Node, select a comparison node and choose Goto.

    End of the note.
  5. To complete the comparison, choose Copy Changes on the Tab Page.

Comparison for top level folder nodes

As well as copying changed structure objects in transaction SA_PROJECT_UPGRADE, you can compare and adjust projects at business scenario level. This function is useful when there are new business scenarios, which you want to copy into your project (for example an implementation project), from a template.

To perform the adjustment at business scenario level, proceed as follows:

Select the Business Scenarios node in your project. In the Structure tab, choose the button Compare and Adjust. If there are new business scenarios added to the template(s) from where the scenarios are copied into the project, the system opens a pop-up which indicates them. With Goto, you can go to a new session in the Project Administration for your project, in which you can copy the new scenarios into your project, in the Scope tab.

If the system finds no differences at business scenario level between the template project and your project, a pop-up tells you that there are no new scenarios for the templates used in the project.

This function does not affect the functions in transaction SA_PROJECT_UPGRADE.