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The test organizer can use actions that the system triggers at pre-defined events in a test organization and during a test, in this process.

The default actions send e-mails. The system informs the tester about released and locked test packages and test cases. If you use test sequences and a tester assignment at test-case level, the system informs the assigned tester of the next test case as soon as one test case is finished.

The actions are assigned to procedure types. The system creates a procedure document that logs the development of the business process, depending on the procedure type.

This process monitors and optimizes testing.

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The system user, the business partner, and the procedure document are all client-dependent.

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Example process:

  1. You open the test plan and an assigned test package with its test cases.

  2. You assign testers to the test cases and sort the test cases into a test sequence, for example:

    Test sequence: Scenario 1 with test case 1 and test case 2

    • Test case 1: Assigned to tester A

    • Test case 2: Assigned to tester B

    For more information, see Test Sequence and Tester Assignment.

  3. You perform a user check on the test plan and release it.

    For more information, see Test Plan User Check.

  4. The system creates a business process with a procedure document, for each tester and test sequence.

  5. The system informs all testers assigned to the test plan of the release.

  6. Tester A processes test case 1 of test sequence scenario 1 and, once finished, sets the processing status to OK.

  7. The system informs tester B of the test 2 that this test case is now ready for testing.

  8. To make changes to the test plan without locking the test, set the release status of the test plan to REOPEN_URGENT and then release the test plan again.

  9. The system informs all testers assigned to the test plan of the re-release. If you have changed the tester assignment, the system informs the affected testers again.


You can check the business processes at any time during a test, using the procedure documents. For more information, see Business Processes and Workflow Actions.