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 Creating Transport Requests in Managed Systems


From the SAP Solution Manager system, you create Customizing and workbench transport requests in the managed systems and assign tasks to project team members. This is the prerequisite for you or project team members to activate BC Sets, run CATTs, and import add-on transport requests in the Configuration transaction, and to edit Customizing settings in the implementation guide (IMG). For more information, see Configuration .

Transport requests must be available in order to distribute Customizing settings. All project team members whose Customizing changes are to be distributed must have a task in the transport requests. For more information, see Customizing Distribution .


You have created a project in Project Administration and defined and saved a system landscape for this project. You are in edit mode for this project.

You must be authorized to create transport requests for the managed systems. For more information, see the SAP Solution Manager Security Guide.


  1. Choose the System Landscape tab page.

  2. Choose the IMG Projects subtab.

  3. Click the name of the IMG project for a managed system, for example, SAP SCM.

    If a project IMG does not exist in the managed system, the system issues a dialog box stating that a transport request has been created in the managed system with your user name. Proceed as follows:

    1. Create tasks for your project team members in this transport request.

    2. Choose Continue .

      Project Administration for the managed system appears. Continue from step 4.

      If there is already a project IMG in the managed system, you go to Project Administration for the managed system.

  4. Switch to edit mode.

  5. Choose the Transport Requests tab page .

    If the CTS functionality has not yet been activated, the system displays the pushbutton Activate CTS Functionality on the tab page.

  6. Choose Activate CTS Functionality if it is displayed.

  7. Choose Assigned CTS Requests .

  8. Create a Customizing and workbench request if there are no appropriate ones.

  9. Create tasks in the requests for all required team members.

  10. Save your entries and go back.

  11. Repeat the procedure for all other systems on the IMG Projects tab page.


When BC Sets are activated, CATTs executed, add-on transport requests imported, or Customizing settings changed in the managed systems, the created transport request is provided automatically for all project team members who are assigned tasks in the CTS requests.

You can use the transport requests created for Customizing Distribution.