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 Check Synchronization Object


When you save a synchronization object, its consistency is checked. Check the synchronization object if you change the system landscape or the release limits of the object after creating the object.


You are in the synchronization object processing initial screen.


  1. Mark the object in the object list in the initial screen.

  2. Choose Start of the navigation path Object Next navigation step Check End of the navigation path.

    The system checks the consistency of the synchronization object, and shows any system messages:

    • Are the specified tables and fields in the source and target systems?

    • Do the data types of the source and target fields match, or can they be converted from one to the other? Are the field lengths the same?

    • Is the object BC-Set-compatible?

  3. If the system sends messages, go back to the object processing and check whethe mapping type and table and field assignments for the specified releases, and correct them if necessary.