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Process documentationBusiness Blueprint in Maintenance Projects


You are making changes to live business scenarios and processes of maintenance projects. These adjustments are made in the Business Blueprint (transaction SOLAR01).


  • You have a solution in which you have defined business scenarios and processes.

  • The project leader or administrator has activated the check-in/check-out function in the solution settings.

    • According to the dual control principle: A project team member has requested the check-out. The administrator or project leader has released the check-out of the corresponding business processes in the maintenance project for certain project team members

    • Without request: The project team member has checked out the corresponding business processes into the maintenance project independently.


  1. You can change all checked-out structure elements of the live SAP solution on the Structure tab page in the Business Blueprint. The checked-out structure elements are grouped together in the navigation tree in a node that has the same name as the solution.

    The checked-out structure elements of the live solution that are available for editing are indicated with the Checked-out symbol.

  2. Adjust the business scenarios or processes according to operating requirements.

    For more information, see Creating and Editing Project/Solution Structure.

  3. Save your changes.

  4. Select the relevant business scenario or business process.

  5. Depending on the check-out/check-in settings: Request the check in, by clicking Ready.

    • According to the dual control principle: Request the check-in by clicking Ready.

      The status Check-in Requested will be shown by the arrow.

      Once you have requested the check-in, the project leader or administrator can check in the adjusted structure elements into the Solution Directory again.

    • Without request: Return to the solution to check in the changed structure elements.


You have changed live business scenarios and processes in a Business Blueprint of a maintenance project.