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This work center is the central access to all functions that you need to use the comprehensive services for production support.

It is structured in views, in which you can display and edit an overview, solutions, business processes, support requests, services, issues, Top Issues, tasks, SAP EarlyWatch Alerts, and reports. You can also perform common tasks that you often need for the service delivery.


  • You are authorized for this work center. For further information, see the SAP Solution Manager security guide in the SAP Service Marketplace under   SAP Components   SAP Solution Manager   <current release>   Operations  .

  • You have created at least one solution.

  • You have set up a connection to SAP Service Marketplace to update the service plan from SAP, or to register a solution with SAP.



In the Overview you can choose between two scenarios:

  • Engagement and Benefits offers the option of organizing services in improvement cycles, for example quarterly. This scenario requires that the Engagement View be activated for Enterprise Support.

  • Issues and Services provides an overview of solutions, services, business processes, support requests, issues, and Top Issues.

Overview of Improvement Cycles

The overview of improvement cycles displays the status of the individual phases as well as the overall status of your improvement cycles. There are also links to the tasks of the respective phases of an improvement cycle.

Overview Content Area

The content area of the overview contains links to the following subjects:

  • Solutions

    Solutions are grouped as follows:

    • Solutions with Services

    • Solutions with Support Requests

    • Solutions with Top Issues

    • Solutions with Issues

    You can call up these subgroups of solutions directly. Behind each group, there is a number that specifies how many solutions belong to the respective group.

  • Business Processes

    You see how many business processes are assigned top issue or issues, for example, three processes with top issues. The link takes you directly to a list with business processes with top issues or issues.

  • Support Requests

    This area shows you how many support requests have been created, and how many of them you created. You can call a list of support requests using the link.

  • Top Issues and Issues

    In the content area of the overview, Top Issues and Issues are grouped as follows according to their status: Under My Top Issues or My Issues and All Top Issues or All Issues.


The Solutions view lists solutions with their Top Issues, issues, services, and support requests. You can filter this list by certain criteria.

You can also edit the solution master data, and update it at SAP, in this view.

Here, the detailed information of business processes that belong to a solution are also listed. You see a graphical representation of the business processes of a solution as well.

Business Processes

The Business Processes view delivers a list of business processes that you can filter by issues or top issues. As detailed information, the individual steps of a selected business process are listed with the assigned issues or top issues. A graphical overview of the individual steps is also available.

Support Requests

This view lists already-created support requests. You can filter the list by certain criteria.

You can also create, edit, and send support requests to SAP in this view, depending on your role. You can also add additional information to support requests already sent to SAP.

A list of solutions to the support request, proposed by SAP, is shown as detail information.


You can switch between the Session View, the Service View, and the Graphical View, in the navigation area in the Services view.

The service view lists the self-services and the SAP services. You can filter this list by certain criteria.

In the session view, you can, for example,

  • create or change self-services.

  • reset a session

  • go to the questionnaire of a session

In the service view, you can:

  • call the current SAP service plan

  • update service contents

  • create new self-services

  • change existing self-services

  • delete existing self-services

The graphical view shows when issues, Top Issues, support requests, and services are planned. You can filter this graphical view by certain criteria. You can also select objects directly in the graphical view and go to the Support Requests, Services, Top Issues, or Issues views.

Top Issues and Issues

In the content are of the overview, Top Issues and Issues are grouped under My Top Issues or My Issues and All Top Issues or All Issues.

In the overview, top issues and issues are listed according to their respective status so that you can directly call up issues or top issues with a certain status. The following status information is available for issues and top issues:

  • Open

    The top issue or issue is open but not in process yet.

  • In Process

    The top issue or issue is in process.

  • Completed

    The top issue or issue is finished. No further action is required.

  • All

    All top issues or issues are listed here irrespective of status.

If you navigate to the Top Issues or Issues view, you can trace the issues or top issues that were detected in a business process or in a solution during production operation and have to be resolved. You can trace the entire lifecycle of your issues and their solutions.


You have access to a list of tasks that were assigned the issues or top issues and have been created for these. You can filter tasks according to different criteria, for example, by solution, priority or status, or you can display only the tasks that have been assigned to you.

SAP EarlyWatch Alert

This usually lists the SAP EarlyWatch Alerts with their current ratings (red, yellow, green) that ran successfully over the last three months (default for the display period). You can filter sessions according to certain criteria or call them up individually. You can also create a report in Word format.


This displays a list of reporting tools that are available for individual solutions. You can call up these tools directly to generate documents with reports.

Typical Tasks

This section of the navigation area contains a list of frequently required tasks. In the SAP Engagement and Service Delivery work center, the following tasks are available:

  • Editing System Data

  • Editing Solution Data

  • Editing Project Blueprints

  • Editing Project Configuration

  • Displaying Roadmaps

  • Planning Service Content Updates

  • Issue Settings

More Information

For more information about general functions of a work center, see Using the Work Center.

For more information about issues and their management, see Issue Management. For more information and alternative procedures for updating the solution master data, calling up a service plan, and performing a self-service, see Service Delivery.

For more information about SAP EarlyWatch alerts, see SAP EarlyWatch Alert.