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Issue Management is an interface between your support organization and SAP support. SAP Support staff can coordinate their cooperation with you using this function by, for example, suggesting solutions for the problem.

Customers can create, and assign services to problems (Issue/Top Issue), with this function. You can monitor the problems. Accept or reject the proposals. The status of the recommendations (tasks) can specify the solution progress. The problem (issue) status can specify whether a problem has been resolved. You can trace the entire lifecycle of your problems (issues) and their solutions.


  • You have assigned the required roles to the users, and created authorization object instances, according to SAP Notes 834534 und 872800.

  • Optional: You have a contingency contract number for Expertise on Demand requests

  • Optional: You can create your own subjects, priorities and statuses for issues and top issues. SAP Note 1019583 contains further information.


  1. You, or an SAP support member, identify a problem (issue) in your solution.

  2. You, or an SAP support member, create a new problem (issue).

  3. You contact SAP and request a support service to solve the problem (issue).

  4. The SAP support member, or the support team, perform the service for your solution landscape, locally or remotely. The issue is linked to the service.

  5. While performing the service, the SAP support member updates the problem information in Issue Tracking, and makes recommendations or links the problem to a subsequent service.

  6. Implement the recommendations which you have received for the problems.

  7. Update the problem (issue) status in the SAP Solution Manager.