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You can combine systems and business processes in a solution, according to your requirements, to monitor and improve your most important production business processes in the systems.


When you have put your business processes and systems in a solution, you can use the following SAP Solution Manager applications:

In the Maintenance Optimizer, you can start the maintenance transactions for product systems in you solution. For more information, see Maintenance Optimizer.


SAP Solution Manager Administration Work Center

The Solutions view contains a list of solutions, which you can filter, by, for example, solution type. The system displays active solutions by default. In the list, you can:

  • create a new solution (see Create Solution from a Work Center)

  • Copy all existing solutions as templates

  • Activate or deactivate a solution

  • Delete a solution

    This function is only available for inactive solutions.

You can:

  • You can call a solution by name or ID in the Solution Directory.

  • To call a list of service connections for a selected solution for which you can create a system connection to SAP, choose   Goto   Service Connection  .

  • To transfer solutions between different systems by exporting and importing them, choose   Goto   Solution Transfer   (see Solution Transfer).

  • Choose   Goto   Solution Settings  , to specify which solution data the system should send to SAP, for example, the production data.

    The flag in the Send Data column in the list shows whether the system sends the data to SAP automatically.

  • To go to the self-diagnosis of the solution, click on the symbol in the Status column.

When you highlight a solution, the system displays details of this solution below the list.

  • The Systems tab shows the solution landscape with the selected logical components and systems.

  • You can make settings for the following Solution Monitoring services in the Set Up Operational Processing tab. Select the affected service and choose the service name:

Solution Directory

If you specify solutions in the Solution Directory, you can monitor your solution landscape or production business processes which run in the systems in your solution landscape. Specify the solution scope.

For more information, see Define Solutions in the Solution Directory.