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Service Delivery allows you to use the SAP services that support your production systems. You can:

  • Request an SAP Service in a service request

  • Create your own services locally, to your requirements

  • Accept or reject a service proposed by SAP

The session details let you save session context information, assign service sessions directly to projects, and display documents.

Note Note

You can link the services to problem messages (Issues).

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You have:

  • Created a solution

  • Set up a connection to SAP Service Marketplace, to order services from SAP

  • You have configured the data to be sent. Proceed as follows:

    1. Call the SAP Solution Manager Management work center.

    2. Choose the Solutions view, and in the Solutions tab, Solution Data Settings for your solution.

    3. Select which data to send to SAP.

    4. Save.


Option 1: You want to receive a service from SAP:

  1. Update Solution Master Data at SAP.

  2. SAP specifies a service plan for you.

  3. Get the service plan from SAP.

    Note Note

    The service plan is also fetched by a job scheduled at night.

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  4. SAP proposes a service in the service plan.

  5. Accept or reject the service proposed by SAP.

  6. If you accept the service, SAP sends you a Service Request.

  7. The service request is carried out by SAP or another service provider.

    A service can comprise several Sessions.

  8. At the end of the session, a Session Report is created.

    Existing Issues are analyzed and any new issues identified in the Session Report.

  9. SAP creates an action plan which suggests Tasks whose performance could resolve the (top) issues.

  10. You can also Request an SAP Expert (Expert on Demand), if you cannot perform the Tasks yourself.

Option 2: Perform a Self-Service.