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A service catalog consists of service components. A service component can contain other service components. A service product is part of a service component. A service product is the key item to which many settings are assigned.


Modeling the Service Catalog
Creating Product Categories for the Service Catalog

In the Maintain Categories and Hierarchies transaction (COMM_HIERARCHY), the category SRVC_HIER > SRVC_ROOT > SRVC_COMP is created.

SRVC_COMP is the first category that is selected in the service catalog.

When you create a service, you choose the base category from this category.

For more information about how to create product categories, see SAP Solution Manager Configuration, IT Service Management scenario, Perform Optional Configuration: Configure Manually step, Create Hierarchy for Service Catalog activity.

Creating Categories for Catalog Items

All service products that are assigned the ALM_CAT category are displayed in the IT Service Management service catalog.

To create categories under ALM_CAT in the service catalog, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Maintain Categories and Hierarchies transaction (COMM_HIERARCHY), choose Category, and search for ALM_CAT.

  2. Choose New Category and enter an ID and a name for the category.

  3. Repeat step 2 for all categories you want to define in the service catalog.

Preparing the Service Component Definition
Creating a Multi-level Categorization

Using a multi-level categorization, the end users can categorize their service orders. In addition, the system can automatically assign a guided procedure to a service request.

  1. In the IT Service Management WebClient UI, choose   Service Operations   Create   Categorization Schema  .

    The Categorization Schema screen appears.

  2. Enter the required data.

  3. Save your entries.

For more information, see Administration.

Creating a Questionnaire

Using questionnaires, end users answer specific questions that help processors to process the service order.

You create the questionnaires in the Survey Suite in Customizing for Customer Relationship Management, under   Transactions   Settings for Service Transactions   Questionnaires for Service Processes and Service Confirmations  .

For more information, see the SAP Library for SAP Customer Relationship Management in the SAP Help Portal, under   <current release>   Application Help   Basic Functions   Survey Tool   Survey Suite  .

Defining a Service Component

As an administrator, you define services by creating several service components:

  1. In the IT Service Management WebClient UI, choose   Master Data   Create   Service.  

  2. Enter a unique service ID and a name for the service. The name is displayed in the service catalog.

  3. Choose the Service Component (SRVC_COMP) base category. According to the base category you choose, the system enters information in the service you create.

  4. You can enter the base unit for the service product. For example, enter pc for piece.

  5. Save your entries.

  6. In the Item Cat. Group, enter SMSC to assign the ITSM Catalog Product category group.

  7. To assign a questionnaire to a service, in the Product Questionnaires assignment block, enter the questionnaire ID.

  8. To assign a service request to a service, in the Service Request Attributes assignment block, enter a categorization schema and a multi-level category.

Assigning an Approver

For a user to be able to approve a service order, the user must be assigned the approver business partner role in the sold-to-party of the same sales organization as the key user that created the service order.

  1. Make sure that, in your sales organization, the Obj. Permitted in Determination attribute is set.

  2. Make sure that your sales organization is assigned to your sold-to-party.

  3. In the IT Service Management WebClient UI, choose   Master Data Search   Account  . The Search: Accounts screen appears.

  4. Search for your business partner and open it.

  5. In the Relationships assignment block, create a relationship of type Has the Employee Responsible and enter your user.

  6. For the sales organization, assign the Approver (ITSM) partner function.

Making a Service Component Orderable from the Service Catalog
  1. In the IT Service Management WebClient UI, choose   Master Data   Service  , and then open the service that you want to use as catalog items.

  2. In the Categories assignment block, add the Catalog Items (ALM_CAT) category or a subcategory of ALM_CAT.

  3. In the service, the Service Catalog Attributes assignment block appears. To provide users with more information about the service, you can enter a Web site URL.

  4. You can enter a price that is displayed in the service catalog.

  5. Save your entries.

The service component is displayed in the service catalog.

Compiling a Service Component from Service Products

You compile service components to create orderable catalog entries by assigning one level of child elements to a service component. To add more levels of service components, assign other service components to the service components on child element level.

On the lowest level, you assign products such as service products, material products, or license products.

  1. In the IT Service Management WebClient UI, choose   Master Data   Service  , and then open the service to which you want to assign other service components.

  2. In the Dependent Components assignment block, choose Edit.

  3. The Dependent Components Structure screen appears.

  4. Choose New Product and search for the service components with Category ID SRVC_COMP.

  5. Choose a service component from the list.

  6. The service component is added to the Dependent Components Structure list. You can enter additional information, such as a description, the amount or the unit of measurement.

  7. Save your entries.