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There are several settings with which you can enhance user experience of service request management.


Creating a Rule Policy to Assign a Guided Procedure to a Service Request

Using a rule policy, the system automatically assigns a guided procedure to a service request using multi-level categorization. Therefore, you map a guided procedure to a specific category using the guided procedure ID.

  1. In the IT Service Management WebClient UI, choose   Service Operations   Rule Policies  .

  2. Check if a rule policy AI_SMRQ_GP_FIND with context Guided Procedure Determination already exists.

  3. For each level of the multi-level categorization, map the ORDER_CATEGORY attribute of the rule to the multi-level categorization for the service requests and assign the corresponding guided procedure.

For more information, see Rule Policies.

Creating a Guided Procedure

Using a guided procedure, the system automatically creates operations tasks. This is useful for operations tasks that are processed repeatedly.

You create a guided procedure using the guided procedure authoring framework. You specify whether the system creates one operations task for the entire guided procedure or an operations task for each step.

For more information, see Guided Procedure Authoring (GPA).

Displaying Operations Tasks in a Widget

Administrators can configure the display of operations tasks in a widget on the processors’ home screen.

For more information, see Customizing for SAP Solution Manager under   Capabilities (Optional)   IT Service Management   General Settings   Define My Messages Widgets  .