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You can request the preliminary import of a normal change into a follow-on system by executing an action. This means that the import of the transport requests associated with the normal change is carried out at once, independent of any project import into the follow-on system. Thus, the import process for normal changes can be accelerated.


The status of the change transaction is “Successfully Tested”, that is, all transports were released.


  1. You choose   Action   Request Preliminary Import  .

    The status of the document changes to “Preliminary Import Requested”.

    Note Note

    Do not import the transport requests into the follow-on system using the task list. Otherwise, the preliminary import fails.

    End of the note.
  2. The change manager approves the preliminary import.

    Note Note

    The change manager who approves the preliminary import request should not be the user who sets the status to “Successfully tested”.

    End of the note.
  3. The transport request for the change document is automatically imported into the assigned follow-on system.

  4. If the import was successful, the status of the change document changes to “Test for Preliminary Import”.

  5. Once the tester has finished the testing, he triggers the action “Confirm test successfully”.

    The transport request of the normal change is automatically imported into the next system in the landscape. When the transport request is in the import queue of the production system, the status changes to “Tested for Production Import”. Otherwise, it is reset to “Test for Production Import”.

  6. In status “Tested for Production Import”, the change manager authorizes the transport for import to production. The status changes to “Release for Import”.

  7. Finally, the change manager chooses the action “Import Normal Change into Production”. In the back-end system, the transport requests are imported into the production system.

  8. The status of the normal change changes to “Imported into Production”.