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The filter settings specify which notes are displayed.


  • You have a connection to the SAP Support Portal.

  • You have a solution with a product system assigned.

  • You are authorized. For more information, see the SAP Solution Manager Security Guide in the SAP Service Marketplace, under   SAP Components   SAP Solution Manager <current release>  , under 4 Operations.


  1. Specify the solution, product system, technical system, and application components for which you want to display notes.

    Note Note

    If only All is displayed in application components, the background job to update note information automatically, is not active. Activate automatic update of note information (see Update Note Information Automatically).

    End of the note.

    Note Note

    You can choose several application components. Choose CTRL, and select application components with the left-hand mouse key.

    End of the note.
  2. Enter the period for which you want to display the documents.

  3. Choose Use Filter.


Details of all notes found are displayed in the lower screen area.