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You perform all central administrative project tasks in the SAP Solution Manager Project Administration (transaction SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN).


You base a Business Blueprint, which contains your project structure, with your company-specific business scenarios, on your project (see Business Blueprint).

In the configuration phase, you use your project and its project structure, to configure the structure elements for your business scenarios in the development systems (see Configuration).


Functional scope of the project administration



What you need to know

Create projects

  Project   Create  

Specify general project begin and end data

General Data tab


Project language

  • Required

  • The project language cannot be changed later

Project scope. Copy templates into the project

Scope tab


Assign team members to project

Project Team Members tab


Definition of project standards (status, documentation types, keywords)

Project Standards tab


Definition of project system landscape

System Landscape tab

Required for subsequent navigation in managed systems

Distribution of IMG projects in the managed systems

System Landscape tab

IMG Projects subtab

Required for configuration and customizing distribution

Create transport requests in the managed systems

Project transport details

Transport Requests tab

  • Only in template projects

  • Required for template projects whose templates are to be reused in other systems

Create, release, transport templates

Templates tab

Only in template projects

Download/Upload for Business Blueprint Projects

In a project, choose

  Edit   Fill Business Blueprint  


Manual deletion of persistent locks which the system does not delete automatically

  Tools   Delete Persistent Locks  

Optional, if you need to unlock objects manually. For more information, see the application help.

All existing projects are automatically displayed in the SAP Solution Manager project overview (see Solution Manager Project Overview).


Implementation/Upgrade Work Center

Call the transaction Project Administration in the Planning view.

Solution Manager Administation Work Center

In the Projects view, there is a list of projects. To go to the Project Administration transaction, select a project.

you can create a new project or use an existing project as a template.

If you select a project, the system displays additional details:

  • Project landscape with the assigned logical components and systems

  • Assigned solutions

You can also perform Action Items in this view:

  • Compare and adjust projects

  • Call the template collector

  • Reset user settings

  • Update the search index for documents

  • Change the project template for various project types