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Automatic update updates the note information specified by a filter, in the SAP Solution Manager, regularly. The notes are then up-to-date. You do not need to update them manually in the query.

Automatic update updates all notes, manual update only updates the notes in the last month.

Recommendation Recommendation

Use automatic note information update for all monitored systems.

End of the recommendation.


  • SAP Solution Manager Customizing has been performed.

  • User SOLMAN_BTC starts the background job.


  1. Choose Settings.

    You go to the System Recommendation Settings screen.

  2. Choose Turn On Automatic Check - Recommended.

    Fields to specify the update time are displayed.

  3. Specify the update interval, and start date and time.

    We recommend the update interval Every Week.

  4. Choose Continue.

  5. To create a new filter definition, choose Add Technical Systems.

  6. Select a solution and a technical system, and choose Add.

    The selected technical system is added to the list.

    Note Note

    You cannot select an application component.

    End of the note.
  7. You can add further technical systems.

  8. Select the technical systems whose notes are to be updated.

  9. Save your entries.