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Procedure documentation Transport Number Range Intervals

Number range intervals can be transported by object, by groups if they exist, and individually, for object types without groups.


When importing, all number range intervals which exist for the commercial object are first automatically deleted in the target system.

The number statuses are transported with the value which they have at the time of the export.

It is currently necessary to also transport the associated group tables to avoid inconsistencies between number range intervals and number range groups,.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Call the number range maintenance transaction.
  2. Object types 1 - 4: Choose Number ranges ® Interval ® Transport.
  3. (You can also first call the list of the existing number range intervals with Change intervals, and call the function Interval ® Transport for individual selected intervals.)

    Object types 5 - 8: Choose Number ranges ® Maintain groups.

  4. Select the groups or intervals which you wish to transport.
  5. Choose the function Interval   ®   Transport.
  6. Enter an existing task number or choose one from the list provided by F4 , or create a new task and choose Continue.
  7. The interval is copied into the task.

  8. Release the task and the request in the Workbench Organizer (Tools ® ABAP/4 ® Overview ® Workbench Organizer.