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For the following reasons, you may have to restore technical system descriptions from the System Landscape Directory (SLD):

  • The system description was changed or created manually in the Landscape Management Database (LMDB) and you now want to reset it with the information from the SLD.

  • Incorrect system information was migrated from transaction SMSY during the LMDB setup. For more information, see Automatic Synchronization from LMDB to SMSY.

  • Different SLDs created inconsistent system descriptions in the LMDB. If the data in the SLDs differs (for example, because one SLD receives information from a data supplier and one by manual data import), LMDB data can be inconsistent.

  • You deleted the system in the LMDB, by mistake.

Note Note

Deleting the system information in the LMDB and waiting for the next automatic synchronization with the SLD does not recreate the system description consistently. This would only update the information that has changed since the last system registration, and a fragmentary system description would appear in the LMDB.

End of the note.

There are two ways of restoring system descriptions from the SLD:

  • Resynchronization from SLD in the technical system editor:

    Does not delete or overwrite assignments and manually created information in the LMDB, for example, information about installed products that was not reported automatically by a data supplier.

  • Resynchronization by report:

    Can delete and overwrite assignments and manually created information in the LMDB.


See Complete Technical System Information Manually.

If data is inconsistent in the SLD, for example because the same system is described differently in two SLDs attached to your LMDB, remove the incorrect information from the SLD first.


Resynchronization from SLD in Technical System Editor

You can restore the complete technical system description from the SLD directly in the technical system editor:

  1. Start SAP Solution Manager: Work Centers (transaction SOLMAN_WORKCENTER) and choose   Solution Manager Administration   Landscape   Technical Systems  .

    Select the technical system and choose   System Operations   Maintain System  

    (Alternatively, you can access the LMDB directly with transaction LMDB.)

  2. Choose Resync from SLD.

  3. If there is more than one SLD connected, select the one with the correct system description.

  4. Review the changes made by resynchronization.

  5. Choose Save to persist the changes.

Only data from automatic SLD data suppliers is synchronized. Data created manually in the LMDB is not deleted by this function. All manual assignments, for example product assignments, remain. To delete even manually created data and assignments, refer to the next section.

Resynchronization by Report

Caution Caution

Make sure that you really want to delete all manually created system information and assignments, such as product assignments. It is possible that you delete configurations that cannot be recovered, such as diagnostics-relevant indicators.

End of the caution.

To restore SLD data completely, including the deletion of assignments and of data that was created manually in the LMDB, use the report RLMDB_SYNC_TECHNICAL_SYSTEM:

  1. Start transaction SE38 and run the report RLMDB_SYNC_TECHNICAL_SYSTEM.

  2. Enter the following parameters:

    • Source SLD: Select the SLD with the correct system description

    • Target Namespace: Select the LMDB target namespace; in most cases, it is active.

    • System Type

    • Extended SID (extended System ID)

    • Check the Detailed Trace indicator if you want to get low-level information about the resynchronized objects.

    • Check the Simlulate indicator.

    • Do not check the Delete before Resync indicator for the simulation run.

    • Run the report to check which changes would be performed by a resynchronization.

  3. When you are sure that the report will achieve the desired result, uncheck the Simulate indicator.

    Now you can also check the Delete before Resync indicator to delete the entire technical system description in the LMDB before resynchronization from the SLD. This will also delete all assignments and manually created information.

    If you do not check the Delete before Resync indicator, the report has the same result as the Resync from SLD function in the technical system editor.

    Execute the report.

    The synchronization can take a few minutes, depending on the number of CIM instances.