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Note Note

CA and SAP have an agreement allowing you to use Introscope with SAP-developed dashboards and instrumentation as part of SAP Solution Manager.

If you would like to increase the benefits of Introscope through custom dashboards and instrumentation, or extend Introscope's capabilities with Introscope Powerpacks™, those services and products are available from CA's Wily Technology Division. You can learn more about Introscope by contacting Wily's SAP Business Unit at

For more information, see SAP Service Marketplace at

End of the note.

The available components for Introscope are Enterprise Manager, Agent, Workstation, and WebView. The setup, installation, and configuration of these components are described in SAP Notes 797147 and 1237887. The components serve the following purposes:

Wily Introscope Component


Enterprise Manager

The Enterprise Manager (EM) acts as the central repository for all Introscope performance data and metrics collected in an application environment. The EM processes performance data and makes it available to users for production monitoring and diagnosis.


Introscope agents collect performance metrics from the various components inside the running Web application, the application server and performance and availability data from the surrounding computing environment. The agents then report these metrics to the Enterprise Manager.


The user controls Introscope and accesses performance metrics through the Introscope Workstation. Users can set alerts for individual metrics or logical metric groups, view performance metrics, and customize views to represent their unique environment. The Introscope Workstation has a Swing-based UI, for onsite or in-house use only


Introscope WebView presents Web-based graphical UI to display Introscope performance data. Introscope's customizable dashboards and Explorer tree views for authorized users run in a browser interface, so that critical information can be viewed by those who need it anytime, anywhere. Note that the WebView component requires the Adobe SVG Viewer browser plug-in to display performance data.

For more information, see the user guides for the Introscope Workstation and WebView components as well as the Troubleshooting Guide Wily Introscope on SAP Service Marketplace at (bottom of page).

Implementation Considerations

To be able to use SAP Introscope by Wily components, install and configure the components as described in the setup guide and in SAP Note 797147. The setup guide is available on SAP Service Marketplace at   Installation & Upgrade Guides   SAP Components   SAP Solution Manager   <current release>  .