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Function documentationInformation and Settings for Materials in MRP on HANA


For every material planned in MRP Live, the system either calls classic MRP or MRP on HANA. How the material is planned depends on whether it requires the processing of a particular feature that is not yet supported by the MRP Live on HANA run. In this case, the material is automatically included in classic MRP. This information is displayed in the report Information and Settings for Materials in MRP on HANA (with the transaction code md_mrp_force_classic).

You use this report for the following reasons:

  1. If you want to include as many materials as possible in the MRP Live on HANA run, this report provides you with information on the restriction that prevents a material from being included in MRP Live on HANA. In the report, you can navigate to a following screen where you can change the material in a way that avoids the particular feature that is not supported by MRP Live on HANA. If no standard solution exists that can solve the issue, the system displays an appropriate message.

  2. You always want the system to call classic MRP instead of MRP Live on HANA to plan certain materials in certain plants. This means, for example, that you can further improve the performance of MRP Live on HANA by setting the materials that you know cannot be planned in the MRP Live on HANA run - due to a particular restriction - to be planned in classic MRP. If you have made the appropriate setting here, the system automatically plans the material using the classic MRP logic in the next planning run. Note that you should make this setting for materials that require changes of the planning logic in BAdIs. These materials must be planned in classic MRP. Therefore, check which materials require the processing of a BAdI during the MRP run and set the Always Plan in Classic MRP indicator for these materials.

  3. You also use this report to determine whether a material is to be displayed in the apps for Material Requirements Planning. This information is automatically checked by the system the first time you access the apps and is saved in the field, Material Displayed in MRP Apps. If you manually change the master data of a material so that it is included in MRP Live on HANA, you can also instruct the system to recheck whether the changes you have made means that the material is now automatically displayed in the MRP apps. To do so, select the materials that you want to recheck and choose Display in MRP Apps: Recheck

More Information

For more information, see the report documentation in the system.