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 Data Basis (EC-EIS/EC-BP)


The data basis forms the foundation of the Executive Information System (EC-EIS) and Business Planning (EC-BP). It saves related business data in several database tables that are each built according to an individual structure. A data table of this kind is called an Aspect The aspects separate the data basis into individual, evaluation areas that are largely independent of each other.


The data basis is a prerequisite for the saving and evaluation of data. It is, therefore, a prerequisite for the components Executive Information System and Business Planning .


The data basis is freely configurable. You can set up and enhance aspects according to your information requirements. The creation of structure and environment objects for each aspect is managed with the help of generation techniques (see Creating an Aspect ).

The fields of the data structure for the aspect are stored in a field catalog that can be seen as an EC-EIS-specific or EC-BP-specific addition to the ABAP Dictionary. These fields can be used in several aspects (see Maintaining the Field Catalog ).

In addition to the aspects themselves, the transaction data stored for each aspect in the database belongs to the data basis.