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The task of a cash manager is to monitor the liquidity status of the company and make liquidity plans to mitigate financial risks and gain financial benefits. This role is a sample role which you can copy to create new roles to suit your specific needs. The default Web Dynpro components required for this role are assigned to this role.

Note Note

This is a sample role that maps the whole cash management process. Instead of using the delivered role directly, you should copy it to one or more roles of your own. In the enterprise-specific roles, you adjust the menu elements to fit your planned process steps and tasks. You then assign the authorizations. For more information, see Identity Management of the Application Server ABAP.

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Note Note

This role has been enhanced for the NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC). You need to customize your settings in this role for web applications, transaction codes, and so on to use them in the NWBC client. For more information about this, see 5 Role Maintenance in PFCG.

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Typical activities for this role are as follows:

  • Manage bank accounts

  • Monitor the liquidity status of the company by checking the cash management reports

  • Make monthly or daily liquidity plans


This role is not assigned with the authorization for creating or editing a bank account in Bank Account Management. You may assign the following authorization objects to your copied role to enable the authorization for creating and editing bank accounts:

  • B_BUPA_RLT (authorization for defining business partners)

  • B_BUPR_BZT (authorization for defining business partner relationship)

  • F_BNKA_MAN (authorization for maintaining master data entries in table BNKA)