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 Segregation of Duties


This new feature enables you to perform an approval process in condition contract processing. On condition contract type level, you can define whether an approval process is relevant for a condition contract or not. On level Critical Changes Group, you can define which field changes are critical for your business process, and therefore whether a reapproval step or a settlement block is required. As a consequence, if such a critical field change is detected by the system, either the condition contract is locked or the new settlement lock function is called.

As a precondition for settlement-specific approval processes, you have to activate the approval process on contract type level, as well as the settlement lock function within the settlement-specific customizing settings of the contract type.

To release a condition contract or condition contract for settlement, the user needs the authorization for the activity release.

If a user does not have the authorization to release a condition contract, he or she can use the new function Request Approval in the condition contract transaction. This function triggers the new status management business transaction Request Approval. The new business transaction sets the new system status Approval Requested. Based on the status management, a workflow event can be triggered so that an appropriate user is able to process the generated WF item to release the condition contract, after checking the data. Alternatively, a user with the appropriate authorization can directly release the condition contract.

If a person with release authorization releases a condition contract, the status Approval Requested is removed by the system. It is also possible to set the status Approval Rejected manually.

Independent of the normal approval process, the user can trigger an approval process for settlement if the contract status has the additional system status Lock for Settlement. The approval process for settlement works in a similar way to the standard release feature. The user has to set the status Settlement Approval Requested in status management, via the corresponding activity. This also triggers an additional workflow so that another user can check and release the condition contract for settlement by using activity Release Settlement.

If a person with release authorization releases a condition contract for settlement, the statuses Settlement Approval Requested and Lock for Settlement are removed by the system. It is also possible to set the status Settlement Approval Rejected manually.

SAP delivers a standard workflow for each approval process:

  • WS03100006 (Release Condition Contract)

  • WS03100007 (Release Cond. Contract for Settlement)

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SAP Enhancement Package 7 (SP07) for SAP ERP 6.0

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Trade, Vendor Fund Settlement Within Compensation Management 2