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 Address Management Turkey


This functionality allows you to meet the business requirements of the customer and vendor address master data for Turkey. It provides the additional address fields County and Township, as well as integration between SAP for Utilities (IS-U) and SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) to enable use of these fields in both the solutions.

Technical Details

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Available as of

SAP enhancement package 7 SP06 for SAP ECC 6.0

Required Business Functions


Additional Details

This functionality includes the following features:

  • In address-related screens for Turkey in both CRM and IS-U, you can now view and maintain the new County and Township fields.

  • You can customize the field status of the two new fields in customer and vendor master data.

  • The bi-directional synchronization of customer/vendor master and central business partner supports the new fields. In other words, if a central business partner is created or updated then the values in these fields are replicated in the customer/vendor master data, and vice versa.

  • CRM online transaction processing is supported with SAP R/3 through middleware.

  • Address distribution is possible between SAP CRM and IS-U using IDoc. CRM middleware uses IDocs to synchronize data between SAP CRM and IS-U.

Effects on Existing Data

As a result of this function, the new address fields County and Township are available in the address screens of the following business objects in SAP CRM:

  • Connection Object

  • Business Partner

  • Technical Data

Effects on Data Transfer

Effects on System Administration

Effects on Customizing

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