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 Operational Load from SAP Hybris Billing into SAP RAR


As part of the migration of data from Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable in SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting, you can load revenue accounting items for inventory data if you use provider contracts.

Inventory data consists of provider contract items, billable items (including one-off charges), and invoice items that were created when the integration with revenue accounting was inactive, but are still important for revenue accounting.

Technische Details

Technischer Name des Product Features

Migration / Operatives Laden von SAP Hybris Billing in SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting

Product Feature ist



gültig für alle Länder


  • FI-CA 617

  • FI-CA 618


FI-CA-IN (Integration)

Verfügbar ab

  • SAP-Erweiterungspaket 7 (SP12) für SAP ERP 6.0

  • SAP-Erweiterungspaket 8 (SP02) für SAP ERP 6.0

Vorausgesetzte Business Functions


Zusätzliche Details

You use the mass activity in the SAP menu for Contract Accounts Receivable and Payables under Start of the navigation path Changeovers in Live System Next navigation step Prepare Operative Load End of the navigation path (transaction FP_RAI_OL) to create revenue accounting items for provider contracts that exist prior to the implementation.

The preparation for an operative load consists of two steps:

  1. Create Migration Packet: In this step, you create order items from the provider contract. The migration packet is transferred to the provider contract items that are marked as relevant for revenue accounting during this step.

  2. Create Follow-on Document Items: In this step, for the order items created earlier from the provider contract, you create the order items from the billable items for one-off charges, invoice items, and fulfillment items. You can also opt to have the system create legacy data.

Preparing for operative load results in the revenue accounting items in Convergent Invoicing. These items consist of the specified migration packet and are marked as revenue accoutning items from the initial load. The revenue accounting items can now be forwarded to Revenue Accounting.

This takes place using the mass activity in the SAP menu for Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable under Start of the navigation path Periodic Processing Next navigation step Forward Postings Next navigation step Execution Next navigation step Revenue Accounting Transfer End of the navigation path (transaction FP_RAI_TRANSF).