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 Deletion of Personal Data in Student Lifecycle Management


As of enhancement package 7, SP 08 for SAP ERP 6.0, functions are available that simplify the blocking, archiving, and deletion of personal data by using SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM).

Effects On Existing Data

These functions enable you to use the SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) component to support the deletion of personal data and to control the deletion and blocking of business partner master data. Personal data can be blocked as soon as the activities for which this data is needed are completed and the residence time for this data has elapsed; after this time, only users who are assigned additional authorizations can access this data. After the retention period for data expires, personal data can be destroyed completely so that it can no longer be retrieved. Retention periods must be defined in the customer system.

Effects On Data Transfer

An end of purpose check determines whether data is still relevant for business activities based on the retention period defined for the data. The retention period of data consists of the following phases.

  • Phase one: The relevant data is actively used.

  • Phase two: The relevant data is actively available in the system.

  • Phase three: The relevant data needs to be retained for other reasons.

For example, processing of data is no longer required for the primary business purpose but to comply with legal rules for retention the data must still be available. In phase three, the relevant data is blocked.

Blocking of data prevents the business users of SAP applications from displaying and using data that may include personal data and is no longer relevant for business activities.

Blocking of data can impact system behavior in the following ways:

  • Display: The system does not display blocked data.

  • Change: It is not possible to change a business object that contains blocked data.

  • Create: It is not possible to create a business object that contains blocked data.

  • Copy/Follow-Up: It is not possible to copy a business object or follow up a business object that contains blocked data.

  • Search: It is not possible to search for blocked data or to search for a business object using blocked data in the search criteria.

Note Note

It is possible to display blocked data if a user has special authorization; however, it is still not possible to create, change, copy, or follow-up blocked data.

These authorizations can be maintained in the new authorization object P_CM_ILMA.

End of the note.

The following programs are now available to simplify the blocking, archiving, and deletion of personal data for SAP Student Lifecycle Management:

  • RHIQ_ILM_DATA_BLOCKING: Block and unblock student personal data

  • RHIQ_STUDENT_ATTENDANCE_DES: Delete student attendance data records

  • RHIQ_ST_EXTTR_ARCH_WRI: Archive student external transcripts

  • RHIQ_ST_GRANT_ARCH_WRI: Archive student grant assignment data

  • RHIQ_ST_MASTER_ARCH_WRI: Archive student master data

Effects on Customizing

To use SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) to simplify the deletion of application-specific personal data:

  • Activate the business function Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)

  • Activate the business function SLCM Information Lifecycle Management Implementation (ISHERCM_ILM_IMPL_ACTIVATE)

  • Make the necessary Customizing settings related to SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) in Customizing for SAP NetWeaver under Start of the navigation path Application Server Next navigation step Basis Services Next navigation step Information Lifecycle Management End of the navigation path.

  • Run transaction IRMPOL and maintain the required retention and residence policies for the following ILM objects in the object category SAP Business Suite.

    • HRIQ_STMD: Student master data

    • HRIQ_EXTTR: External transcript data

    • HRIQ_STGRT: Student grant data

    • HRIQ_ATTDN: Student attendance data

    • HRIQ_STYDT: Student study data

More Information

For more information on the deletion of personal information in Student Lifecycle Management see:

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