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 New System Statuses Settlement Lock and Automatic Settlement Lock


This new feature enables you to automatically filter out those condition contracts in settlement processing that are blocked for settlement for a certain reason (application status). The settlement run will check whether an application status corresponds to the new settlement lock or automatic settlement lock system status, and filter out the contracts if the condition is fulfilled. As a consequence, the system will ensure that a settlement run is not performed by accident if a condition contract is not ready for settlement. You can exclude such contracts by using selection criteria for the settlement reports so that the contracts are not considered. Otherwise, you will get a corresponding message in the application log that such a condition contract is locked for settlement.

The automatic settlement status Automatic Lock for Settlement is set by the system if predefined preconditions are not fulfilled and a settlement is therefore forbidden. This status is independent of system status Lock for Settlement. It is set or reset automatically by the system, not by user interaction. This is realized with the new filter-dependent BAdI WCB_AUT_SETTL_LOCK_BADI, which is called just before a condition contract is saved. The filter (automatic settlement lock method) is defined in Customizing, and assigned in settlement-specific contract type customizing.

This new kind of system status will not influence the determination of the underlying conditions in pricing, so the postings of accruals are not affected at all.

The main features are:

  • The settlement lock status can be set manually or via APIs.

  • The settlement lock can be set automatically if critical changes are detected that make a new release of the contract settlement step necessary (see also release notes for Segregation of Duties and Customizing activity Define Critical Changes For Condition Contracts).

  • The automatic settlement lock is set or reset by the system based on customizing and corresponding filter-dependent BAdI implementations

  • Different settlement lock/unlock logic can be defined to implement customer-specific requirements within the filter-dependent BAdI WCB_AUT_SETTL_LOCK_BADI .

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SAP Enhancement Package 7 (SP07) for SAP ERP 6.0

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Trade, Vendor Fund Settlement Within Compensation Management 2