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 Basic Device Category Gateway


You can use the new basic device category Gateway with this function.

Gateways facilitate automatic metered data entry across all divisions in an intelligent metering system in accordance with the respective legal data protection regulations that apply. Meters transfer their data to the Gateway using an interface. Gateways have a communication model and are the link between the meter technology in a building and the energy data management system used by the utilities company. The data can be stored for a specific time in the Gateway.

You can use this basic device category to:

  • Allocate smart meters from various divisions to a Gateway at device level. The Gateway acts as the controlling device here.

  • Combine Gateways with other basic device categories, such as Other, Rate Switching Devices (ARCR/Clock) (ARCR stands for audiofrequency ripple control receiver).

Technical Details

Technical Name

Not relevant

Product Feature Is


Country Dependency

Valid in all countries

Software Component Version

SAP Enhancement Package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0, SP08

Application Component

IS-U-DM (Device Management)

Available As Of

SAP Enhancement Package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0, SP08

Required Business Functions

ISU_DM_1 (Utilities, Device Management 1)

Effects on Existing Data

The new basic device category has been added to the following transactions:

  • EG01/EG02/EG03: Create/Change/Display Device Category for Gateways

  • EG72/EG73: Maintain/Display Device Allocation for Gateways

Note Note

Maintaining the register group is optional for Gateways. You can use the Business Add-In (BAdI) ISU_DM_DEVCAT_FUNC to define device-specific attributes for Gateways in a customer implementation.

End of the note.


To use the new basic device category, you must active the business function ISU_DM_1 and make the settings required in Customizing for SAP Utilities under Start of the navigation path Device Management Next navigation step Technology Next navigation step Basic Settings Next navigation step Define Combination of Basic Device Categories End of the navigation path.

More Information

For more information about device categories, see Device Category.