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 FI for Public Sector, Localization Topics for Saudi Arabia


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Financial Accounting (FI) for Public Sector

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You can use this business function to meet country-specific requirements in the area of Financial Accounting (FI) for Saudi Arabia (SA).


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Business Configuration Activation

As of EAPPLEGLO 607, settings for chart of accounts and company code are no longer delivered via a switch enabled business configuration (BC) set and you must now implement these settings by activating the ordinary BC set FIN_LOC_SA_GL. This BC set activates the country template for Saudi Arabia by creating company code SAFM and assigns the chart of accounts CASA to it.

For more information, see BC Set Activation.

Custody Management

You use this function to keep track of the financial and nonfinancial custody of items acquired by employees during their term with an organization.

For more information, see Custody Management.

Localized User Interfaces

You can perform the following operations using the localized user interfaces available for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

  • Create, edit, display, delete, copy, and approve employee advance payment requests

    For more information, see Advance Payment Requests.

  • Create, edit, display, reverse, copy, delete, and approve expenditure orders created with reference to any of the following:

    • Invoices received from service providers

    • Approved employee advance payment requests

    • Claims made by an employee on the amount spent from the advance payment

    For more information, see Expenditure Orders.

  • Create, edit, display, reverse, and approve payment orders created with reference to approved expenditure orders. When displaying payment orders, you also have the option to print bank checks for vendors in accordance with legal requirements.

    For more information, see Payment Orders.

Creation of SAMA Bank Data

A new report is available, which allows you to create predefined master records for banks that are supervised by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) in Saudi Arabia.

For more information, see SAMA Bank Data.

Government Forms

You can create and print government forms that comply with the legal requirements of the Ministry of Finance (MOF) in Saudi Arabia. The system enables you to create the following forms:

  • Account Balance - Form 8

  • Adjusting Entries - Form 11

  • Adjustment Report - Form 13

  • Cash Receipt and Receipt Voucher - Form 7

  • Cash Safe Filling Request

  • Cash Safe Feeding Reimbursement

  • Encashed and Uncashed Checks

  • Financial Custody Balances (Petty Cash Listing) - Form 4

  • Employee Consignment - Form 12

  • Revenue Transfer to SAMA - Form 6

  • Trial Balance - Form 12

  • Petty Cash - Form 5

  • Advance Payment Settlement - Form 9

For more information, see Government Forms.

Year-End Closing

You can use enhanced functions for your year-end closing activities. The following enhanced functions are available:

  • Pre-customized task template for the standard Closing Cockpit tool, which fulfills the requirements of the financial year-end closing process in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • A new transaction that allows you to block the creation of expenditure orders and the posting of invoices in Financial Accounting for the financial years that have been closed.

For more information, see Year-End Closing.

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