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 TRM, E-HA, Documentation on Hedged Item Level


With this function, you can also create at the hedged item level documentation for hedging relationships (transaction THM86) of a hedge plan with the risk category Exchange Rate Risk. In this way, the documentation contains information about the hedging relationship, the hedge plan, and the hedged item, as well as information about all designated hedging instruments for that hedged item.

Technical Details

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Valid for all countries

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SAP enhancement package 7 (SP08) for SAP ERP 6.0

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Effects on Existing Data

The Documentation function (transaction THM86) has been enhanced. For hedging relationships of a hedge plan with the risk category Exchange Rate Risk, you can now decide on the level at which you would like to create documentation: at the level of the hedging instrument or at the level of the hedged item.

  • Documentation at the Hedging Instrument Level

    As was already the case with the previous function, the documentation is created for one hedging instrument and the relevant hedged item.

  • Documentation on Hedged Item Level

    In this case, documentation is created for a hedged item and for all hedging instruments assigned to that hedged item.

Before you can use this function, you need to create a new entry for the company code, the valuation area, and the risk category Exchange Rate Risk and assign the new form TR_F_THA_HREL. You perform these steps in Customizing under Start of the navigation path Transaction Manager Next navigation step General Settings Next navigation step Hedge Accounting for Exposures Next navigation step Documentation Next navigation step Assign Forms to Hedging Relationships End of the navigation path.

If you would like to make changes to the form, you can copy the form and make your changes to the copied version.