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 Country-Specific Functions, 01


With this business function you can:

  • Process VAT transfer for credit memos for the Czech Republic

  • Process VAT transfer for special VAT operations for Russia

  • Create Services Notas Fiscais using Convergent Invoicing

  • Adjust and transfer post the tax amounts of overdue invoices for Poland

  • Adapt official document numbering with number groups to your requirements for selected application areas and countries

  • Define individual currency translation rates for specific tax items

  • Prevent the reversal of invoicing documents that have been printed on an invoice

  • Process postdated checks

  • Create tax notifications in which you list tax information of individual invoices in an additional document

  • Bill customers again for remaining receivables resulting from translation differences

  • Implement the following legal requirements concerning taxation in Argentina:

    • Two-step tax determination

    • VAT perception and GI perception

    • Tax exemptions

    • Transfer of Argentina-specific fields of the contract account to the FI-CA document

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