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Function documentationAdaptations for Integrated Business Planning


SAP delivers the following planning applications:

  • Cost center planning on years and periods

  • Project planning on years and periods

  • Internal order planning on years and periods

  • Market segment planning on years and periods

  • Profit center planning on years and periods

  • Functional area planning on years and periods

  • P&L planning on years and periods

These applications consist of “local” BI content. “Local” means that this BI content is shipped with SAP Accounting powered by SAP HANA and not with the “central” BI content. Local content runs on the ERP system directly using the “Local BW” and does not need a separate BW installation. The content for integrated business planning consists of SAP HANA views, InfoProviders, MultiProviders, Aggregation Levels, Queries, Filters, Planning functions, Planning sequences, and Analysis Workbooks.

You can adapt this local content in the same way as you adapt the central content. In principle, there are two ways to proceed:

  • Change the SAP delivered content. SAP delivers the content in the “D-version” (delivered). After content activation (part of the setup process) the “A-version” (activated) is created. You can adapt and change the A-version without any modification. At any time you can return to the D-version that stays as delivered by SAP. When SAP delivers a new version of the content, you can decide whether to take this instead of your adapted A-version, stay with your A-version or even merge the two versions.

  • Copy the SAP delivered content to your own namespace. This takes more effort and is recommended only if you make major changes to the delivered content.

You can mix both procedures: For example, use the SAP HANA views, InfoProviders, MultiProviders, and Aggregation Levels delivered by SAP as they are, or modify them only slightly and create your own queries, planning functions, and Analysis workbooks on top.


You have completed the relevant activities in the Setup guide.

You are authorized to use the following:

  • SAP Business Objects Analysis – Edition for Microsoft Office

  • BEx Query Designer

  • SAP BW Planning Modeler

  • SAP BW Data Warehousing Workbench

  • SAP HANA Studio

Depending on the scenario, you typically will need only few of the tools.


You can do the following:

  • Adapt UI formatting and personalize Analysis Workbooks

  • Add additional columns for manual planning

  • Add own planning functions

  • Add additional characteristics

    If the characteristics are already part of the delivered InfoProvider, you only have to change the Aggregation Level and the objects above.