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 Detailed Statement with Drilldown Capabilities


This new feature enables you to analyze the detailed statement information in a completely new way. Instead of loading all detailed statement records into the main memory, and searching for a certain data set on field level, you can define your own drilldown levels, to analyze the detailed statements from a highly aggregated level down to the item lines.

The main differences between the classic detailed statement and the detailed statement with drilldown capabilities are:

  • It supports predefined grouping and drilldown levels to analyze the detailed statement records.

  • The system selects only the data records and fields that are shown on the screen and needed for aggregations.

  • Additional fields of the business volume documents can be displayed, based on layout configuration.

  • Data selection is based on CDS View technology.

Note that due to the high numbers of database records, and the large number of database tables involved, the runtime is negatively affected if you compare the new detailed statement with the classic one. On the other hand, you could save time within the analysis step by using the drilldown capabilities to potentially compensate for the negative performance impact.

If you run the new detailed statement on an SAP HANA database, you will save significant processing time by using SAP HANA capabilities.

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SAP Enhancement Package 7 (SP07) for SAP ERP 6.0