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 Display of Characteristic Values in Documents (Enhanced)


With this feature, you can create the dimension characteristics (such as size, color characteristics), assign a characteristic type using transaction WRFCHVALTYPE, and maintain their values using the new characteristic value storage of IS-RETAIL or using transaction CT04. Later, you can display these characteristic values in various business process documents or transactions.

Technical Details

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Valid for all countries

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Application Component

LO-MD-MM (Retail Stock Overview Report)


SAP ERP 6 Enhancement Package 7 Support Package Stack 10

Required Business Functions

Display of Characteristic Values in Documents (ISR_RETAIL_CHAR_VALUES)

Display of Characteristic Values in Documents (ISR_RETAIL_CHAR_VALUES)

Additional Details

If you want to use separate value storage to define characteristic values for a characteristic, you must enter a characteristic type for the characteristic. The system checks whether these characteristics already exist for the characteristic type and displays the existing characteristics of the same type. There are three characteristic types supported - color, main size, secondary size in the order 1, 2 and 3. However within a merchandise category or a characteristic profile, you have to ensure you assign 3 characteristics of characteristic type color, main size, and secondary size for each of the dimension characteristic in the order mentioned.

You ensure that you do not store characteristics from the same category on the same path of a merchandise category hierarchy. If you do and variants arise when characteristic value data is updated to the relevant fields in the article master, the system cannot assign the values properly and cannot define a unique color or size characteristic for color or size-oriented applications.

In the article master, exactly one field exists for each characteristic type. With characteristic vales being available in article master, the characteristic value ID and its description is shown in the business process documents such as purchase order, sales order, planned order, production order, and BOM reporting. The corresponding document search help function can be used to search all purchase order documents that contain a particular article, for example T-shirt, with Color characteristic Value Red included.