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 Handling Supplemental Accident Insurance (Life)


You can use this function in a claim in the line of Life to make a partial payout. This means that you can make a payout for certain coverages of a contract, but for other coverages in the same contract you want to perform further checks on compensability. Until now, such a partial payout was not possible in the scenario “Claim Without Product Customizing” on which claims in the line of Life are based.

Technical Details

Technical Name of Product Feature


Product Feature Is


Country Dependence

Valid for all countries

Software Component Version

Insurance 617

Application Component

FS-CM (Claims Management)

Available From

SAP enhancement package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0, SP08

Required Business Functions

Insurance Claim Handling 5 - Additional Functions 1

Additional Details

Supplemental accident insurance is a typical example of the need for such a partial payout: Life insurance with a benefit for death contains an additional coverage if death was caused by an accident. You create a claim with different subclaims. During claims processing, it is now possible to pay out the benefit for death while checks are still needed to establish whether death was caused by an accident, in which case a benefit for the supplemental accident insurance would also be payable.

Note Note

A partial payout is only possible with a one-time benefit split, not with a periodic benefit split.

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