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 PM, Two-Ticket Localization Topics for China


You can use this business function to meet country-specific requirements in the area of Plant Maintenance (PM) for China.

In China, there are national GB (guobiao) safety standards that apply to maintenance work and work safety in power generation plants. These standards outline the types of work ticket that are required for maintenance work and for compliance with national standards. The standards are commonly referred to as the Two-Ticket (TTS) and Three-Operation Management (TOS) Systems.

The Two-Ticket System business function supports the creation and management of maintenance work and operation tickets in accordance with TTS and TOS standards.

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The Two-Ticket System functions are used in conjunction with enhanced Work Clearance Management (WCM) functions.


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    EAPPLGLO 607 SP04

To use the Two-Ticket System business functions, you must be using enhanced Work Clearance Management (WCM) functions within Plant Maintenance (PM).

If you activate this business function, you must complete all required Customizing. For more information, see the Operations and Safety Management for China Configuration Guide, and Customizing for Operations and Safety Management for China > Two-Ticket System.


Two-Ticket System

A number of features are available for Two-Ticket System, as follows:

  • You can create various types of work ticket (for example, electrical or thermal work tickets), to coordinate the information requirements, tasks, and approvals associated with plant maintenance work

  • You can create operation tickets, to coordinate the information requirements, tasks, and approvals associated with overseeing the operational impacts of plant maintenance work

  • You can create assistant work tickets, when maintenance work is required to be overseen by departments other than the maintenance or operations departments

  • You can investigate work tickets and evaluate their compliance with internal and national safety standards

  • You can monitor work tickets, and potentially discard (reject) them

  • You can define crew details, define crew members, and assign them to crews

  • You can manage safety precautions using safety measures and execution types

  • You can use risk action groups and operation action groups to define and manage operational risks

  • You can define standard template texts to accelerate and standardize data entry for ticket comments

  • You can manage user authorizations to reflect the various signatories regularly required for ticket processing and approvals

For more information, see Two-Ticket System.