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 Billing in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable, 02D


You can use this business function to:

  • Create postings in Convergent Invoicing for services and benefits that were paid in advance or granted as a gift

  • Synchronize customers in SAP ERP with the business partner data in SAP CRM

  • Connect multiple FI-CA systems to an SAP Convergent Charging system

  • Display all relevant data for Convergent Invoicing in the contract account on a separate tab

  • Create tax notifications that show tax information of individual invoices in an additional document

Technical Details

Technical Name of Business Function


Available As Of

SAP enhancement package 7 (SP05) for SAP ERP 6.0

For more informationen about the functions made available with this business function, see the Product Feature release noteSettlement Channel in Billable Items as well as the following release notes:

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