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 HR Professional: Dynamic Processing Rules


With this feature, users are able to maintain employee and organizational master data better than ever before. Available in the HR renewal Web Dynpro ABAP Master Data Application for single infotypes and infotypes in the roadmap forms, a dynamic processing rule (DPR) evaluates the impact of user changes and guides them to the next infotype for processing, or automatically updates infotypes in the background.

Supported by preconfigured forms comprising all the relevant master data, a DPR enhances data quality and increases system automation. You can use or adapt a delivered DPR, for example the international DPR, Maintain Children, or use this rich configurable rules framework to create your own DPR.

Technical Details

Product Feature Is


Country Dependency

Valid for all countries

Software Component Version



Application Component

Personnel & Organization

Available as of



Required Business Functions

HCM_PAO_CI_5 (HCM, Personnel & Organization 05)

Additional Details

DPRs are similar to the dynamic processing actions available for SAP GUI applications for the transactions PA40 and PA30. In the Web Dynpro Master Data Application, this rich configurable rules framework offers you the following features:

  • Use or adapt DPRs that SAP provides – for example, the international DPR, Maintain Children or the DPR available for Germany, CREATE_IT0019_PRIOR_ATTACHMENT.

  • Create your own DPRs to meet your requirements. For example, you can define DPRs as follows:

    • Internationally, locally, or for a number of countries

    • To overwrite international DPRs with country-specific settings, if other conditions apply in certain countries

    • With conditions and target operations based on simple settings

    • Add in code-based logic, if required as part of configuration (no modification)

  • Rule Manager

    Checks that DPRs are correct. If there are errors, troubleshooting is easy thanks to an extensive error log from which you can navigate directly to the source of the error. Allows you to manage the activation and deactivation of DPRs.


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