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 Enhanced Product Structure Management


This feature enables you to define and maintain the product structures using the guided navigation steps. You can also perform various actions like comparing different product structures, mass maintenance, and copying and pasting of product items from the interim area.

You can use the role Product Structure Management using Tables to access the new user interface which enables you to maintain product structures in an easier way by performing different tasks in a single tree view.

Note Note

All the features mentioned are accessible in the existing UI only based on the setting defined in Customizing under Additional Settings.

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Following are the features that are available:

  • Roadmap View

    You can use this function to create the product structure using the multiple roadmap steps. You can choose to copy from a template node and copy the class template from available templates as defined in Customizing.

  • Display Change Documents

    You can use this function to display changes done to nodes and variants. Depending on the Customizing setting maintained, you can display the changes as a tree, a table or a simple list. Apart from the changes that are done for nodes and variants, the system also displays changes done to dependent objects like classification and documents.

  • Mass Maintenance

    You can use this function to make changes to multiple attributes of a product structure simultaneously. You can also define the attributes used for mass maintenance based on the personalized setting maintained.

    Note Note

    This feature is available only in the new user interface that can be accessed if the necessary role is assigned.

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  • Compare Product Structures

    You can compare the product structures with two trees visible side by side based on the node GUID. The comparison is done using different color coding for similar nodes. Comparison can be done for different simulations for the same structure. You can also add classification data to the trees to compare the characteristics assigned.

  • Interim Area – Copy and Paste

    You can copy a view or product item to the interim area and paste the same into another product structure using the paste from interim area feature in the change mode.

  • Deep and Structure Copy

    During the creation of a product structure or nodes from a template node, you copy nodes or variants within the same product structure or copy nodes from a different structure through the interim area. You can use the deep copy feature to copy the entire structure of the source item variant to the destination item variant. In the structure copy feature you can choose specific attributes of a node or variant that you want to copy, including document links, node classifications, variants, materials, object dependencies, and variant classifications.

  • Template and Category Template

    You can use the available templates for the class and material creation. For each class template, specific characteristics are linked. The newly created material is attached to a product variant, which can be created similarly as class and material at this point. The template class and material are maintained as different templates. These templates can be assigned to different categories. The categories and the template, along with the template class and material are maintained in Customizing.

  • Show Classification

    You can display the classification for a product structure for the selected classes and also maintain the classification that is displayed below the tree view.

    Note Note

    This feature is available only in the new user interface that can be accessed if the necessary role is assigned.

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Technical Details

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Available as of

SAP Enhancement Package 7 SP07 for SAP ERP

Effects on Customizing

Following are the Customizing activities that are available under Start of the navigation path Logistics - General Next navigation step Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Next navigation step PLM Web User Interface -> Objects in PLM Web UI Next navigation step Product Structure and Assembly Management: End of the navigation path

  • Maintain Template

    To maintain templates and categories for templates that are linked to existing classes and materials.

  • Maintain Fields for Mass Update of Product Structure

    To define the fields that are used for mass maintenance in product structures.

  • Additional Settings

    To define switch settings that determine whether the corresponding functions can be accessed on the user interface.

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For more information on the enhanced features, see Enhanced Functions in Product Structure Management.