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 Commodity Management Analytics: MtM Calculation Enhancements MM


This feature allows you to calculate MtM (mark-to-market) values for MM goods receipts, based on contract price and market price conditions in the preceding purchase order.

Consider the MM document chain as it is supported in Commodity Management:

Purchase Order -> Goods Receipt -> Provisional Invoice -> Final Invoice

As of Business Function LOG_MM_COMMODITY_02 it has been possible to calculate MtM values based on contract price and market price conditions for purchase orders and subsequent final invoices. This feature has now been enhanced to include an MtM calculation based on goods receipts. This is specifically relevant if you are using batches in goods receipts and want to consider the current batch characteristic values in the MtM calculation. The MtM value of the preceding purchase order is decreased by the MtM value of the goods receipt based on the ordered quantity and the open quantity. The MtM value for a goods receipt is calculated by simulating a final invoice.

In addition, the MtM values calculated for purchase orders, goods receipts, and final invoices can now be persisted in their own database tables. This enables you to:

  • Report on a history of MtM values by document (day-over-day reporting for MtM)

  • More easily consume MtM values in HANA queries

Technical and Other Details

Technical Name of Product Feature


Product feature is


Country Dependency

Valid for all countries

Software Component Version


Application Component

Commodity Management in Logistics (LO-CMM), Purchasing (MM-PUR


SAP Enhancement Package 7 (SP05) for SAP ERP 6.0

Required Business Function(s)


Existing Data

The existing MtM DataSources and the MtM ad hoc report, CMM_MTM, have been enhanced to take advantage of the new features.


You make the settings for this feature in Customizing for Logistics - General, under Start of the navigation path Commodity Management Next navigation step Analytics Next navigation step Mark-to-Market Next navigation step Define MtM Settings at Client Level End of the navigation path.

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For more information, see the application help for Mark-to-Market Analytics