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 Blocking Access To Data


This feature allows you to check the display status of archived data and of the data in the database. For archived data, the implementation is within ADK and for database tables the call has to be made explicitly to the API. Using this function, application users with a certain set of authorizations can view or display data. Restrictions are based on a certain set of authorizations and rules. For example, when an application calls a read program or an API, the display details of the archived data are based on the associated user profiles. The rules validate whether the maximum retention time for the data has expired. In the read programs of the archived data, the API LRM_BS_RTP_BLOCKING_STATUS is already incorporated in the ADK (Archive Development KIT).

Technical Details

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SAP NetWeaver 7.40 SPS12

Required Business Functions

Blocking Access to Data

Additional Details

Effects on Existing Data

Data is no longer accessible after the maximum retention period has expired unless there is a legal hold.

In the Rule Maintenance screen a new Authorization Group group is added. For more information, see Editing Retention Rules. This field is visible only if the business function Blocking Access to Data is switched on.