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 Material Ledger in IS-Retail (New)


Material ledger is functionality in SAP, which helps to calculate actual cost for articles and also provide the facility of multiple parallel valuations in multiple currencies. Material ledger has the following two major functionalities:

  • To calculate actual cost of articles, semi-finished goods

  • Provide an opportunity to calculate actual cost on multiple valuation such as Legal, Group, and Profit center valuation

Technical Details

Technical Name of Product Feature


Product Feature Is


Country Dependency

Valid for all countries

Software Component Version


Application Component

CO-PC-ACT (Actual Costing/Material Ledger)


SAP ERP 6 Enhancement Package 7 Support Package Stack 10

Required Business Functions

Material Ledger in IS-Retail (ISR_RETAIL_MATERIAL_LEDGER)

Material Ledger in IS-Retail

Additional Details

Material Ledger in Article Master

Material Ledger views have been added to the article master and while configuring the screen sequence of article master, material ledger views can be assigned. When an article is extended to a plant which is configured to be material ledger enabled (using transaction code OMX1), the material ledger view is visible. Apart from setting a plant as material ledger enabled, you can set the price determination control, and set the binding to price determination control.

You can maintain, price control, standard price, per unit price, future price in standard currency for various periods for the article in the material ledger view in article master. You can also modify price determination control if allowed on the plant.

You can maintain data (prices) in the material ledger view for more than one plant (distribution center or store) in the same session. You can extend the material ledger data maintained for reference DC or reference Store to real DC or Store while extending the article through article listing performed in the article master maintenance transactions.

Also the product feature allows articles to maintain material ledger data while the article is split valuated as well. Thus the price control and standard price maintained in the material ledger view would be applied to the accounting tables for all valuation types. Price Determination Control and Price Determination Control binding maintained for the plant (Distribution Center or Store) would influence the way prices can be maintained in the accounting view. Especially for a material ledger enabled plant, prices for all valuation types cannot be maintained directly but only through the material ledger view and price determination control binding will influence whether you can modify the price determination control or not.

Actual Costing

Actual Costing has a purpose of calculating actual cost for goods manufactured in-house and materials procured from outside. Calculation of actual cost for finished goods, raw materials is very difficult as we don’t know many of actual costs when business transactions are performed. Business transactions are performed throughout the months and at that time we don’t know the actual cost of our production activities, expenses for full months, total activities performed in month, and overhead cost, so it’s become difficult to calculate actual cost for finished goods, raw material purchased from outside. The situation becomes more difficult when we talk about a multinational organization having manufacturing plants in different countries and transfer of goods is happening between groups. Material ledger works on a concept on first recording the material movement in standard cost and then accumulating the variance to calculate the actual cost.

Actual Costing functionality has been adapted and shall seamlessly work for retail articles.

Effects on Existing Data

The following Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI) is enhanced:


The following Intermediate Documents (IDocs) are created:

  • ARTMAS09

More Information

For more information, refer to Material Ledger in Article Master in SAP Help Library.