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Function documentationStock Statements at Closing Inventory


You use this report to calculate a list of valuated stock on hand at the end of a period. The report shows the quantity and value of the stock at the beginning and end of the specified period and also the inward and outward movement of stock in quantity and value. It covers all types of valuated stock, but does not cover non-valuated stock.

For more specific selection parameters, such as stock by storage location and stock by type, refer to the report Stock on Posting Date through transaction MB5B.


  • You have made the settings described in Customizing for Statutory Reports

  • You have deactivated the document summarization for the entire period for which you want to calculate the values in Customizing for Financial Accounting (New), under Start of the navigation path General Ledger Accounting (New) Next navigation step Periodic Processing Next navigation step Integration Next navigation step Materials Management Next navigation step Carry Out Enhanced Document Summarization for Materials Management End of the navigation path

To ensure the accuracy of the report, make note of the following:

  • If Materials Management (MM) documents have been archived in the period selected then those documents will not be included in the quantities and values displayed by the report.

  • Run the report at time when MM related documents are not being posted. For example, outside of your normal hours of operation.

Note Note

If you select a form version that is not assigned to this report in the Customizing activity Assign PDF Forms to Reports then the results will be incorrect.

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This report includes the following features.


For the specified period, the report displays stock at the open and close in quantity and value, and also inward moving and ooutward moving stock in quantity and value. Stock is grouped by material description. In the ALV output, you double-click on a specific material to see the movements and related documents for that material.

Note Note

The material values displayed in the output are only for the period specified in the selection screen.

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To access this report on the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Start of the navigation path Accounting Next navigation step Financial Accounting Next navigation step General Ledger Next navigation step Information System Next navigation step General Ledger Reports (New) Next navigation step Financial Statement / Cash Flow Next navigation step Kuwait Next navigation step Stock at Closing Inventory End of the navigation path, KW_STOCK