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 Variance Calculation for Cost Centers


As of SAP Accounting powered by SAP HANA, variances are calculated on cost centers with transaction code KSS1H.

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Not all messages related to the splitting rule will be logged.

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Accelerated collective variance calculation is supported for cost centers and cost center groups at period-end closing. The calculated variances are assigned to variance categories.

The following scenarios are supported:

  • Variance calculation for cost centers with one or more activities

  • The fiscal year variant matches the month of the calendar year

To improve performance, you can now choose whether you want to process the controlling area currency only or both the controlling area currency and the cost object currency. The execution time for processing the controlling area currency only is around half that required for processing the controlling area currency and object currency.

Effects on Existing Data

You need to check your Customizing settings and ensure that they are adapted for the new variance calculation transaction. For detailed information see below under Effects on Customizing.

To ensure that the splitting logic works correctly, you also need to maintain at least one activity in the cost center for plan activity quantity or planned capacity with the Activity Type/Price Planning transaction (KP26).

Effects on Customizing

The following Customizing activities need to be carried out to enable variance calculation for cost centers:

Define Activity Type Master Data

In the activity type master data, predistribution of fixed costs is not supported for sender cost centers.

Define Actual Price Calculation: Determination Method

In the tab of price calculation in Settings for Each Fiscal Year, the actual method should be set as Periodic price.

Define Splitting Structures

Note the following:

  • In the assignments of the splitting structure configuration, multiple splitting assignments are not supported.

  • In the Selection for assignment, Group is not supported.

  • In the splitting rules, only splitting methods 12, 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25 are supported. The Weighting indicator is not supported.

  • In the selection for splitting rules configuration, version 0 is supported.

Primary Data for Input Price Variances

Primary price variances are not supported.

Define Variance Variants

Minor differences are not supported.

Fiscal Year Variant

The fiscal year variant must match the month of the calendar year.