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 HR Professional: New Role Version and Launchpad Enhancements


With this HR composite role (SAP_PAO_HRPROFESSIONAL_4), users have access to the landing page for the HR Professionals and to a new configuration concept for the Actions lane. The entry role HRPAO, instance BASIC_ACTIONS contains international infotypes for employees. You can copy this record as a basis, and assign it to your customer-specific HR Professional role. A new type of Launchpad, repository, stores navigation links for employee and organizational master data and you can include this in the central Launchpad. Sample repository repositories are available for country-specific menus for employee master data, time management master data, and organizational management master data.

Technical Details

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Valid for all countries

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Personnel & Organization

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Additional Details

SAP recommends including repositories in the copy of the instance BASIC_ACTIONS.

A repository can be used if the same application is contained in several launchpads. In this case, you maintain the application entry once only in a repository. The launchpads that you want to include in this application do not contain the whole application data, but only reference the repository application. It is also possible to reference complete repository folders, if the folder structure in the referencing launchpad still adheres to the launchpad type. It is, however, not possible to create references between repositories. If an application in the repository is changed, all launchpads that reference this application are updated automatically.

It is still possible to use the previous instance ACTIONS, but BASIC_ACTIONS and the linking concept with repositories is an alternative that enhances performance and reduces TCO.


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